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The Kubrick exhibit at LACMA is essential viewing for anyone who loves film; if you're a Kubrick fan you would be doing yourself a disservice by not hopping on the next LA bound plane.  Sadly we didn't allot ourselves enough time to fully appreciate a showing of this magnitude, but since it runs until June 30th I'll be able to catch it again this month.

The exhibition details Kubrick's entire scope of work from his photographs for Look Magazine in the 40's through to his films in the 90's.  The show is complete with set designs, scripts, cameras, costumes and props like this typewriter (below) from The Shining.

I took some time to sit and watch a snippet of The Shining; I haven't watched it since I was traumatized as a 7th grader when they screened it at my boarding school.  I had to walk down a series of long dark hallways not dissimilar to those in the Overlook Hotel.  To this day I can't look at bleeding walls without feeling uncomfortable.

Kubrick achieved the gorgeous candlelit scenes in Barry Lyndon using a Nasa designed F0.7 Zeiss lens (2 stops faster than the existing lenses at the time) that was designed for satellite photography.  Such a beautiful film to watch!

The wardrobe pieces were gorgeous.

Kubrick's notes on several films line a wall of the exhibit.  You no longer have to wonder "what was he thinking?"

The war room from Dr. Strangelove in miniature.  A tiny Peter Sellers would have made my day.

Of course no Kubrick exhibit is complete without some Clockwork Orange memorabilia.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to try on Alex's bowler.

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Last month Danielle and I spent a few days at The Parker in Palm Springs during Modernism Week.  If you're a fan of mid-century modern this is an event that's not to be missed.  While having our 10 month old daughter in tow disqualified us from touring the inside of some of the homes, we did a lot of self guided tours of architectural landmarks like this Wexler designed steel house from 1961.  Due to the sharp rise in steel prices only 7 of these homes were built.

Driving around through all of the architecturally significant neighborhoods had me wishing I'd brought along some Sinatra to elevate the experience.  Incidentally you can rent out Sinatra's Twin Palms Estate, complete with piano shaped pool where Sinatra lived with his first wife Nancy Barbato for a paltry $2600/night plus service fees and taxes.  It sleeps up to eight people, so you can assemble your own Rat Pack on a budget.

The Palm Springs Visitors Center is housed in a former Gas Station designed by Swiss architect Albert Frey in 1965.  Frey worked for Le Corbusier in 1928 and 1929 before immigrating to the US.  The people at the desk are very helpful and will shower you with information and tour bus tickets, but the best way to see everything is at your own speed in your own car.

After long days of sightseeing and teak shopping we realized that the best part of Palm Springs is leaving the stress of the city behind and just napping in the dry desert air.

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Wade (+ Danielle + Hazel) @ Pyrrha






Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence was photographed leaving a salon in Beverly Hills wearing her "Never Look Back" Pyrrha talisman necklace mere hours after the post Academy Awards parties.  We couldn't be more thrilled to have such a talented young actress identify with the spirit of our jewelry.

She had her hair dyed for reshoots for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, in which she stars alongside Josh Hutcherson who was also recently spotted wearing his Pyrrha Anchor talisman necklace over Christmas.

We may not have much of a showing on the red carpet but off the red carpet is another story entirely.


Emma Swan has been wearing our Swan talisman necklace on the show since the beginning but it wasn't until last night's episode that we learned of its origin.

In a flashback we see Emma's ex boyfriend and partner in crime Neal stealing a keychain with a Swan on it (this is of course, a Pyrrha talisman, and would never be for sale in a gas station...poetic license, I suppose).  Apparently, Jennifer Morrison insisted that this be written into the script.  In any case we're...flattered?

While in prison, Emma receives the swan keychain along with some cash and other things.

I don't know how many people realize this, but the swan keychain is the same Pyrrha talisman that Emma fashioned into a necklace at some point along the way.

As luck would have it you can buy both Emma's Swan Talisman Keychain and Emma's Swan Talisman Necklace in the shop section of our website.

I hesitated to blog about this as it seemed likely to out me as a total dork but then I realized that nostalgia is an important part of our lives.  These seemingly insignificant events helped shaped each of us.

Danielle and I recently exhibited at the Project Trade Show in Las Vegas and on the last day I insisted on a side trip to the Pinball Museum. When we got there we laughed at how unglamorous the place was for Vegas, but when I walked through the doors I experienced a profound sense of joy.  Playing the pinball machines in this desert oasis grounded me and at once brought me back to a simpler time in my life when scoring a cold root beer was a blissful experience.

The Kiss Pinball Machine. Take that, Gene Simmons!

I was uncreatively referred to as the pinball wizard at my neighbourhood community centre.  I would run errands and in turn would be rewarded with the sweet sound of free games.  At the roller rink I would stand proudly at the games a full few inches taller in my roller skates (soaring about 5 feet) smacking the machine while all the while imaginary eyes were following my every flick of the flipper.  I was focussed on the game and all extraneous information fell by the wayside. It was an early form of meditation for me.  It grounded me and empowered me at once.  Captain Fantastic wasn't a machine based on a flamboyant bell bottom wearing Elton John but a symbol of my independence and ascent into adolescence.

Captain Fantastic!

The Pinball Museum in Las Vegas is unpretentious and authentic.  They don't look over your shoulder but let you quietly enjoy your nostalgic journey while quietly donated proceeds to charities like the Salvation Army.  In fact they had recently donated almost half a million dollars!

You can check them out here.

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