The Bugs and Animals of Costa Rica: Whatever Doesn't Kill You Will Make For Some Great Pictures

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Danielle and I recently returned from a much needed vacation in Costa Rica. In between battling scorpions, wolf spiders, jelly fish and Locusts we managed to relax and absorb some sun into our Vitamin D depleted bodies.

Despite the fact that we counted no less than 25 scorpions in and around our house, the scariest moment was when I stuck my macro lens within an inch of this particular specimen.


I thought that this toad was the cutest little guy ever until I learned that dogs routinely eat them and die :(


These locusts are huge! This one was trained specifically to knock over my winning Scrabble tiles.


Is it a stick? Is it a bug? It's a stick bug!


We were walking along one day when an enraged 5 foot long iguana dropped out of a tree by our feet.  It ran by and started attacking a metal fence outside of a restaurant.  Apparently steroid use is rampant in the iguana community.


These Howler Monkeys, despite their small size, are generally regarded as the world's loudest land animal.  They communicate with a very deep and rumbling howl-like bark that can be heard from up to 20 miles away.  We were pretty intimidated by them until we saw them up close.  Poseurs.


Danielle is somewhat of a bug whisperer.  This dragonfly is sporting sunglasses just to impress her.


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