Once Upon a Time Reveals The Origin of Emma Swan's Pyrrha Necklace

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Emma Swan has been wearing our Swan talisman necklace on the show since the beginning but it wasn't until last night's episode that we learned of its origin.

In a flashback we see Emma's ex boyfriend and partner in crime Neal stealing a keychain with a Swan on it (this is of course, a Pyrrha talisman, and would never be for sale in a gas station...poetic license, I suppose).  Apparently, Jennifer Morrison insisted that this be written into the script.  In any case we're...flattered?

While in prison, Emma receives the swan keychain along with some cash and other things.

I don't know how many people realize this, but the swan keychain is the same Pyrrha talisman that Emma fashioned into a necklace at some point along the way.

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